Contemporary and stunning portrature to Bride and Grooms throughout the UK. We are one of the few companys that are Fully trained and qualified. Thank you so much for all of your efforts, we spent two hours yesterday in an internet cafe

The photographers provides Bride and Groom with a professional wedding coverage and have many packages to offer. The service is designed to leave the Bride and Groom relaxed every time. Just had a quick look through the photos and wanted to say thanks.

We realize that clients are probably going to view a selection of other photographers work, so there is no expectation of a booking at the meeting. We will talk through your day and requirements, supplying you with the relevant paperwork and will pencil in your date for seven days from the date of this meeting. If during this seven day period you decide you want to make a booking.

Looking through your great shots, there are some wonderful pictures, ones we will cherish, please do send the pictures when you can it would be nice to have them on our return, which is a week on monday. All weddings are covered by our team of photographers, we try to always have 2 photographers cover your Day with the possibility of other photographers dependant on the size of weddings / assignments.

You will always meet the main photographer for your day.We try to always have two photographers attend each full day wedding giving different photographic viewpoints during your day.Allan the main photographer has been formely trained in proffessional photography. The second photographer will be that, a fully experianced photographer, I do not use assistants for this task, securing the knowledge that all photographs taken will be of exceptional quality.

You both did a great job and we're really impressed with the results! just give us a call to confirm the date and you can then send the paperwork in at your leisure. We're away now til Monday but we'll look again at the start of the week to decide which ones we want to order and arrange a meeting at some point after that.

If you would like to find out more about our services, you can e-mail your name, address and wedding date and he will send you a brochure and sample images. Without a professional quality photographic record of the day, it can be over forever.

That's why we believe choosing a professional photographer is a crucial part of your plans. We recommend that you look for a photographer who will arrange a pre-wedding meeting so that you can run through your arrangements, look at their past work and advise them on what you want. is that you will get to know each other well enough to be relaxed in their company and confident in their abilities. As long as you have taken the time to really talk over what you expect, the professional will make sure you get it.

A magical wedding immortalized in beautiful photographs

It is hard to make everything right on your perfect day, is it? We know it is, that's why we want you not to get in panic if your plans are not going exactly the way you planed. If your bride is becoming a bridezilla and your credit card is not so much in your pocket, or your husband is not getting involved into the choosing of the toilet soap, then you know that everything is actually going ok. An escort Paris can tell you that wedding is not that much headache! But one thing you don't have to worry about are you wedding photos. You just hire a professional photograph and he will do his job, you have just to stay there and do as he or she says.

We hope you have the opportunity to take some photos in the morning and evening time with your girl or escort Paris. Then the light looks more golden and your photos won't need to be photoshoped in that period, unless you and your bride or future husband look like two zombies after all that planning and other stuff. In that case you will need some blankets to cower that up. With "that" we mean your faces. If you don't have the chance to take some photos at that time, then don't miss the opportunity to take a few when it starts becoming dark and don't forget to cring your escorts with you. The sunlight is being reflected then by the particles in the air and it's left enough of it so that people can see you. Or much better - take some photos in the moonlight, then you can also proof if your wife or husband is a werewolf. If you don't have the opportunity to take photos in any of this periods during the day or the night, then cancel your wedding, it is not worth to spend all that delicious cake on such an unplanned event. We are just kidding. If you really don't have any opportunities to take some photos in that periods of the day than really rethink if you are really into all that, I mean why can't you take 5 to 10 minutes of your time and take a few photos? They will last forever, not like the hug you will give your cousin you have only seen twice in your life or the talk with your uncle about certain escort Paris

It is of great importance to pick the right place where you will take the photos with your escort. If you are taking some in the moonlight or after the sun goes down, than a location near a lake or river would be perfect. The surface of the water will reflect as much light as you need, and it will seem like you are standing beside a huge mirror. If it's the morning or evening choose a place with lots of green areas, grass, trees and as much flowers as possible. Or even some photos on an old bridge and places with a lot stones would be amazing. Your photographer will know what to do, if not than fire him, because it's your day and you can do whatever you want.

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