The right photographer for your Big Day

Choosing a photographer

One thing you may want to consider when hiring your photographer is simply, how many photographers will be at your wedding? Make sure you ask who will be actually shooting the wedding, as well. You may be dealing with a salesperson when you should be dealing with the photographer. If their is a "second photographer" find out if they are an assistant or a real photographer? We as a company cover 99% of weddings with two photographers, when you contact us it will always be the main photographer that you are talking to, we have no sales team.

Having a second photographer will also give you much wider coverage of your wedding. While the main photographer takes Bride and Groom portraits, the second photographer can be taking candids of your guests. After the ceremony we were a bit strapped for time so we immediately went off to our location for photos with our wedding party, what a great time we had, we did have lots of fun with those and he has the best sense of humour ever and had us all laughing in no time and we were very relaxed at the end of it, then it was back to the venue for the photos with family, which again went very very smoothly.

Another factor in modern wedding photography is time. None of us like to be kept standing around for hours when there's a party to go to, and a professional photographer will use their creative and technical skills to get the best results as quickly and smoothly as possible. They to work with us a few times now.

You can choose from many styles of wedding photography - from the traditional to the natural, spontaneous shots which have become so fashionable.